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About Agape Christian Ministries




“To raise a new people with the possibility mindset for Jesus Christ”


Founding History

The Agape Christian Ministries was founded 7th August, 1988 and held her first service same day with two families as first members. Prior to this time, Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo (then Brother Adejumo) had received the call of God in Ibadan to raise a new people, with the possibility mindset for Christ Jesus. From that time, the Lord has continued to bless the ministry, having grown in leaps and bounds to several thousand members, spread across ten states of Nigeria, over thirty (30) parishes, several ministry arms, across three continents of the world.  Agape Christian Ministries recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, a ministry that began after a one-year long fellowship of four people. Our church is strategically located across the country and we will be glad you fellowship with us at any of our locations. The Ministry’s senior pastors, Bishop & Rev (Mrs) Felix Adejumo, are a tremendous blessing to the body of Christ, with their ministry blessing lives all around the world. Agape Christian Ministries is part of a larger family – Felix Adejumo Ministries International.


Mission Statement

  • Building a virile and militant army with a possibility mentality
  • Building an enviable people of praise and power
  • Building a people of love walking in the spirit of the family
  • Building a people with burden for soul-winning and preparing them for heaven
  • Helping people to build stable family life and relationships


7 Fold Covenant

As received by the General Overseer (G.O.) and Presiding Bishop of Agape Christian Ministries, Bishop Felix ‘Remi Adejumo, and communicated to leaders and members, the Seven-fold convenant over the ministry is captured below:

  1. Covenant of Life
  2. Covenant of Peace
  3. Covenant of Wealth
  4. Covenant of Distinction
  5. Covenant of Mercy
  6. Covenant of Fruitfulness
  7. Covenant of Favour